Who am I

Fascinated from a very young age by the profession of actor, I started the theater around the age of 10. After several activities and camps on the theme of cinema, I decided to pass my baccalaureate with the theater option, setting myself the objective of making my passion my job. After high school, I validate my first year of license with honors at the Sorbonne Nouvelle in literature minor theater. I then continued with the conservatory in pole theater (Cycle 2/3) then with the Fabrique de l’acteur. In the meantime, I participated in various filming and shootings. I also practice singing, dancing, rhythm, voice and percussion lessons in the service of the actor at the conservatory. I like physical activities and sports. I started dancing in kindergarten and continued to practice until today (classical, contemporary, Provençal, hip hop…). I also practiced martial arts (vice champion PACA 2011 in Karate) and krav-maga training for stunts. I make sure to go to the gym at least twice a week.

I also have a particular taste for history, I like to jump in time by being interested in all that is vintage but I am also a big fan of mythology (especially Norse) and spiritualities and traditions of the primitive peoples.

If you wish to know more, contact me so I can send you my resume.