My values

Dynamic and motivated, I use all my skills to achieve my goals. I do not neglect any project in which I am being and perfectionist I always give the best of myself.

My story

The passion for cinema, photography and theater came to me very early. As a child, I started with theater and dance and then I never stopped learning whether it was through the conservatory or “La Fabrique de l’Acteur”

My skills

We all have our strengths. I perfect mine every day to make my game impactful and touching. Do not hesitate to contact me if my profile interests you.

Bernard Giraudeau

“The real seduction of the actor is to make the public admit that he really is the character.”

Latest works


I am currently in training at La Fabrique de l’acteur since October 2021 (3rd year).

I was also part of the Toulon Conservatory from September 2020 to June 2022 (2 years).

I also dance: contemporary, modern and cabaret.